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Optimal skin reconstruction treatment

DMARINO CREAM (demarino cream)

As well as functional cosmetics certification, ingredients that are effective for skin reconstruction form a moisture barrier for protection during skin absorption, and are absorbed more quickly and reliably with fine, highly active particles.

De Marino Cream pursues more than cosmetics and creams.
The volayon DMARINO CREAM development team keeps in mind that the skin is the most prominent place of the body and the point that it lasts for a lifetime. Our skin is so easily exposed from external irritation. It is not only the environmental factors and stresses of modern people. Modern people accompany various stimulating care for the purpose of beauty. This makes the skin more sensitive and rough. But the problem is after that.
Treatments suitable for this are almost scarce. The purpose of DeMarino Cream is the best effort and responsibility to restore health to such skin.
We respect the modern people’s desire for beauty.However, volayon considers the part that is missed in the unconscious after care as a priority.
De Marino Cream was developed after professional research for stable skin reconstruction.




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