Also known as “hand frequency therapy”, it is a technology that introduces and manages weak electric current from the hands of the therapist to meridians, acupuncture points, and lymph. It has various effects, such as improving beauty, improving body and mind, and giving a healthy skin look.


1. Activate vitality by increasing bioelectric current 

The flow of blood and body fluids is accelerated when the biological current weakened by cell phone, PC, stress aging, and etc. increases. Cells are activated and metabolic growth/repair effects can also be expected.

2. Calm your brain and boost your vitality

When the EEG is in the wave state, a hormone called endorphin is secreted to suppress physical and mental stress.

3. Enhancing the balance of nerves

By normalizing intraocular pressure and brain pressure, nerve balance is restored. The mind and body are comfortable, the balance of autonomic nerves is regulated, and the immunity is increased.

4. Effective for managers

The major difference from other technologies is that the manager him(her)self also maintains the body with the customer. It helps managers promote health and beauty.

5. Basic metabolism up by stretching muscles

Eliminates body fatigue because weak bioelectrics flow along the path and acupuncture points from the hand. In addition, because of the action of the energy wave, it can effectively access muscles. Not only can stiffness or distortion of the body return to normal, but also strengthen muscle. You can also expect fat burning effect by creating an aerobic exercise state.

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