Apollo Duet is combining two leading technologies, Multipolar RF + Electroporation + Iontophoresis

The combination of these technologies are practically effective for any skin type such as inflamed, irritated skin, acne, pigmentation,  seborrhea, rosacea and couperose.

Using electroporation & Iontophoresis function, can effectively introduce active substances into the dermis. When performing radio frequency on saturated skin, high frequency treatments have a much greater effect against skin aging and rejuvenation. 

You can  expect skin. tightening, brightening, lifting, collagen regeneration,  anti-aging, wrinkle improvement, acne 

Benefits: Optimal results, No downtime, multiple safety mechanism,  heat up to 45c and cool down to -20c, comfortable and Easy to use

With Electroporation, any kinds of liquid solution is delivered into the deep skin effectively. 

With this function, Apollo Duet provide high satisfaction not only to the end customer who take its operation but also to the users. It is designed by highly experienced engineering company Were as cross checking with professional ISRAEL distributor D.B PIsga and technical design is surly stable.

With Radio frequency, It stimulates fibroblast in the skin and active collagen in the skin. Regenerated collagen and remodeled collagen improve the skin condition. Skin gets tightened, lifted and wrinkle is reduced. 

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