Microchanneling & Infusion

3D-lized Hyaluronic Micro Pins


Our epipens are made of Hyaluronic acid that dissolve naturally into the skin, filling in wrinkles, while creating channels to increase absorption rate of your favorite serum (up to 60% scientifically proven) Additional active ingredients are embedded in each Pin which are released in the Epidermis as it dissolves. Microchanneling, Wrinkle-Filling and Infusion as its best!

  • Non-invasive, No down time. Just pain-free beauty gains
  • Improve skin elasticity
  • Smooth out and wrinkles
  • Get even and radiant skin

Why EpiFusion

Innovative Technology

Provide clients with the top of the line Microchanneling technology

Scientifically Proven

have confidence in the ability to deliver results for clients backed by research


Adapt to various skin types by selecting elements for different regimens

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