bdr’s Medical Beauty Concept with maximum compatibility and effectiveness

All previous products and methods fail to transport active ingredients deeply into the appropriate skin layers to successfully provide continuous and intensive care where it’s needed most. bdr has managed to overcome this barrier. The bdr research laboratories have created a completely new series of biotechnological Dermacare products.

Innovative emulsion technology combines the company’s most valuable natural substances with micro molecular optimized essences.

bdr team of specialists have developed a combination of modern paramedical equipment technology and dermaceutical active substance serums that turn dreams into reality: Reversive skin aging! Turn back the clock with bdr.

With bdr, any skin condition – even sensitive or allergy-prone skin – can be treated, regardless of age. Rely on the specially designed compatibility of bdr dermaceuticals.

Achieve smooth and line–reduced skin by means of high-end technology. The highly effective results of the blue Calming Light is scientifically proven.


bar’s pioneer technology in synergy with high quality skin care regiments to promote immediate and long lasting results of healthier skin.

bar technology

European patented systems designed to maximize the effect of bar skin care products

Brushabrasion : gets rid of dead cells to refine pores and allow for better absorption of bar’s European patented active ingredients.
Microstimulation : expertly and safely stimulates the skin to assist in the delivery of collagen and elastin producing serums which results in the appearance of reduced fine lines, of wrinkles and of acne scars coupled with noticeably firmer skin.
Light Therapy : to calm skin and boost collagen and elastin
Detox Massage : gets rid of waste toxin build up and increase blood circulation.

No Downtime and Painless enough where numbing creams are not required.

Why Choose bdr?

Because it is a SKIN MARATHON and NOT A SPRINT!!
Elle Magazine Beauty Editor, Joely Walker (Jan. 18, 2018 edition):

A Gentle yet Effective, German Engineered Technology and Laboratory Tested Formulations to Wake Up and Workout Your Skin!


bar unmatched exfoliation system for a range of skin types and skin conditions to clean and prep your skin for maximum absorption!


bar patented microsimulation treatment to “WAKE UP” sluggish aging cells and promote skin deep healthy rejuvenation and strength.


bar unique Detox therapy to ensure toxin build up is carried out of your system gently and effectively.


bar Ultimate deemaceuticals with high grade safe ingredients to properly nourish and train your skin to act healthier and look younger.

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