For a comfortable and happy future for mom and baby!

Eun Young Park Aesthetics Skin Care’s Professional Program.

Providing a personalized care scientifically via checking your body using medical knowledge prior to pregnancy, during pregnancy and after delivery.

Before Care

A baby remembers mom’s womb. Provide a best dwelling place for your baby to stay and grow comfortably during those precious 10 months.

During Care

280 days of companionship for a beautiful healthy mom and a happy baby.

Prevent stretch marks using moisturizers on your skin.

Prevent an increase in excessive body weight gain caused by edema.

Relieve pain caused by baby weight through cool massage.

Show confidence by having beautiful and resilient skin during pregnancy.

Recommended for a beautiful body shape after delivery.

After Care

Your body has changed due to pregnancy. The first six months after delivery is the golden time to receive a treatment to reduce stretch marks, loose skin, and other skin conditions associated with pregnancy. 

Mother’s Facial Care

Prevent low skin immunity during pregnancy due to hormone imbalance and stress.  The facial provides an ample amount of moisture and nutrients for clear and glowing skin.

Before & After Pregnancy Body Care —$90 to $280
Before Care $90 to $120
During Care $80 to $120
Trouble Facial Care $150
Intensive Hydro Care $120
After Care $200 to $280

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