Our exclusive facial treatment is carefully customized to target your individual skin needs, including hydration, Lifting, Reshaping, soothing for acne/sensitive skin and more!

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Skin Scaling

Skin scaling removes dead skin cells and sebum in pores on the skin’s outer layer. Using ultrasonic with light skin peeling, a deep clear cleansing effect is achieved as dead cells are removed that cause large pores

Radio Frequency

A special frequency level (0.3Mhz-0.5Mhz) is used on the face and body and is effective in improving skin elasticity and fine wrinkles. Toxins and dirt in pores are smoothened and cell tissue temperature is increased to decompose cellulite and fat cells. Antibacterial effect also the sebaceous gland to relieve acne

Vitamin C

Using our new ION equipment, cell tissue is infused with activated Vitamin C treat stigma and various pigmentation, which was previously difficult to remedy. (+) ION soothes the skin and shrinks pores. It is especially effective for acne care and cleansing. (-) ION is an alkaline reaction that activates the skin, and plays a role in regeneration and nutrient penetration

Diamond Peel Dermabrasion

Using 75-200 micrometer natural diamond chips and vacuum pressure, this skin treatment is a treatment method that peels off the stratum corneum (outer skin layer) and induces new skin to rise. The microdermabrasion is effective in the management of acne, pore reduction, fine lines and pigmentation. Dead skin along with sebum is also absorbed, cleaning the skin

AHA peel

Unlike other peels, AHA does not leave traces of unpleasant appearances such as scabs or cracked keratin. Daily makeup can be applied immediately, so this treatment is also suitable for workers.


A moisturizing explosion for skin dry like a desert! Provides healing power for sensitive skin! This skin care normalizes the turnover cycle of keratin and naturally heals the skin.


Ultrasonic vibration of 1 million pulses per second has a soothing and lifting effect due to the enhancement of blood circulation, increase of cytogenesis, pain relief, muscle relaxation and absorption ability. Compared to hand massage, ultrasound has at least 10 times more absorption and cleaning of the pores

aroma Lymph Massage

This lymph massage uses natural aroma oil to normalize blood circulation and metabolism of the skin by releasing toxins and waste. It is excellent in managing frequently swollen face, acne, enlarged skin capillaries, and after cosmetic surgery.

Cryozet Therapy

Cryro electrophoresis is a new advanced skincare system that penetrates the skin’s moisture using new technology and ensures the penetration of collagen, placenta, vitamin C, and stem cells into the dermis layer (middle layer of skin where elasticity, wrinkles, whitening and regeneration occurs) It has an excellent effect on dull skin that has wide mores and stains. The contraction of blood vessels enables the penetration material to not be absorbed into the blood vessels and remain in the treatment area, causing the penetration to be more effective. It is also good for calming, after lifting, acne facial flushing, sensitive skin, swelling after cosmetic surgery, bruising and laser treatment.

Meridian Message

By stimulating the main blood point of the face, muscles are loosened, facial contour is corrected, and the face gets smaller. This massage is especially effective for managing wrinkle removal.

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