Lipo Laser Lapex 2000

The Lapex 2000 BCS is a wonderful non invasive lipo laser that can shrink girth off the waist line and other problem areas through spot fat reduction. This lipolaser offered patented technology to place the diodes on the skin for deeper penetration and stimulation of the adipocytes to release their contents and shrink the fat cells. This techniques in know as non invasive lipo for temporary fat shrinkage. Unlike liposuction or laser assisted lipolosys this technique is non invasive and produces shrinkage. If you do gain the weight back then it will come back normally. However, through diet and excersise you can retain the results.

메르디안 리포 레이져

  • 지방을 액화시켜 배출
  • 안빠지는 뱃살, 이중턱에 효과만점
  • 강력한 침투력으로 지방세포 유동화 촉진
  • 피부, 피하세포에 대해서는 대사 및 재생기능 촉진효과
  • 비수술식으로 흡입술의 두려움이 없고 무통, 무혈, 무절제로 심리적 안정감
  • 인체에 무해하고 부작용 없음

Meridian Lapex Laser

-Liquify fat and eliminate
-Extreme results for stubborn belly and chin fat

  • Powerful penetration into fat cells to facilitate liquidation
  • Promote metabolic and regenerative functions for subcutaneous fat
  • No need for fear this non-operative, painless, bloodless treatment
  • No burden on the body and no side-effects