OxygenCeuticals – breathe life into your skin

The world’s first 100% pure oxygen post care system
Post care After Plastic Surgery & LASER Treatment

The harmonious synergy of Oxygen + Cosmeceuticals Post-procedure skincare solution

Oxygen Ceuticals, the perfect synergy of oxygen and cosmeceuticals grade actives. The brand offers result oriented post ptocedures skin management outcomes. The non-chemically derived pure oxygen along with cosmeceutical grade actives sooth skin quickly, speed up recovery and stimulate cells regeneration. It is a skincare solution even to the most sensitive skin.

4 in 1 Technology

Oxygen Mist Therapy
Delivers oxygen and a nutrient / Enhance collagen formation and healing

Medical Ozone Therapy
Strong oxidize disinfection Reduces the growth of microorganisms

Oxygen Anion Therapy
Cell Restoration, Blood Purification, Stronger Immune System, Pain Relief

Oxygen Dissection
Dermal Regeneration, Wrinkles, Scars, Large Pores, Bruise, PIH, Acne

High Satisfaction in Reducing the Downtime, Burn, Pain…

PIH, Atopy Skin, Acne Scar, Collagen, Burn&Pain, Calming


Ceutisome V Lifting Therapy is a treatment that give skin a lifted, tightened appearance while moisturizing and nourishing skin in just one session by using products of Ceutisome program.


A skin brightener and lightener ampoule that composed of seven organically grown Swiss alpine plants and whitening effect can be seen even in a one application.


Helps active ingredients reach deep into skin.
The micro needle of spicule gently penetrate the skin and increase the rate of cell turnover.
Relief skin stress deliver nutrition for healthy and youthful look.


Velvety Ball contains 90% Marine Collagen for Increasing Skin Elasticity and Volume

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