JANE - Age: 32

I have adult acne. I've also been to many skincare aesthetics before having met Eunyoung, and she is a rare gem when it comes to skin care. Eunyoung cares a lot about her clients, she's meticulously thoughtful & thorough in treating my skin, and she doesn't experiment with my face, she knows what works! If you have acne, there is nothing that magically makes it stop forever you have take good care of your skin, know your skin, and eat &

live in a healthy way. With Eunyoung's care my old acne scars have all healed and gone away (YAY!!!), my face is much smoother, a LOT less red and bumpy, and I'm much better prepared to deal and care for future acne; I've learned a lot from her too. I'm very thankful for the hard work she put into my face before my wedding! Every woman needs someone like Eunyoung on their side, I'm so glad to know her.


KYUNG WOOK - —Age: 37

For quite a while, I have had facial acne but because of stereotype thinking that man going to skin care is a bit embarrassing, I didn’t go. With the help from my friends then I was able to visit Eunyoung Park Aesthetics. Owner was friendly and made me feel very comfortable so I decided to let her take care of my face. How great that I came to this
place! Only few trips to the treatment I started to see big transformation

with facial acnes. When I come visit the studio, not only my outer appearance get treated, I feel my inner self also get healed through consulting and chatting with Eunyoung Park.

I definitely recommend to ladies but especially to men, you would not regret so come!


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Many of our customers have come back and told of their success stories.

These are only a few that we would like to share with you.


alltestimonials339x221_2xELISE - Age: 28

My experience with Eunyoung Park Aesthetics was great. I had a phase in my life where I broke out alot, like all over my face not even a space you can see. Haha well I went to several places as well but I didnt have this much of a great experience with anyone else. She is very gentle with your skin and she makes you feel calm. It can be your second spa! Just that youll get the acne treatment you want. The process for one facial can take about 1–2 hours but its heavenly.

I would recommend someone with severe acne to try here and see your results! Cause I have mine now and Im very thankful of what she brought back. My beautiful skin!


JIMIN - Age: 28

I have been stressed out over acne but since I’ve been getting treatment from Eunyoung Park Aesthetics, people tells me my skin has improved dramatically. She doesn’t just use the product because it is good, she chooses right product according to my skin type. This wasn’t my first skin care place for treatment, however weren’t successful finding the right place where I felt confident and comfortable. The money’s well spent here.

A friend of mine was bit hesitant due to the cost, after couple of treatments and saw improvements, she purchased package deal and is more frequent user then myself.


SOOJUNG - Age: 30

I have had adult acne for 10years. Friend of my introduced Eunyoung Park 3months ago. I still have more treatments left until complete clear skin, but I’m already seeing the improvements and is making me very happy. She and her team treats her customer with sincereness and care. Definitely recommended for whose having trouble with acne.


WONKYUNG - Age: 27

Eunyoung Park is very friendly and will take good care of you. As a specialist, she’d explain your skin type and situation and will consult on how to get better. At the studio, I noticed the latest technology and brand new products that helps for clear and healthier skin. After seeing my healthier skin, it made my day. The atmosphere of the studio is calm, cozy. It’s also in good location easy on the transportation.


Faces of our satisfied customers with the result.

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