world’s First Long Pulse HIFU

ONE THERA uses Multi Duration Control Technology to deliver more energy in a stable state


ONE THERA is a lifting equipment that reduces pain by emitting Long-pulsed Type ultrasound waves unlike conventional HIFUs.

Through 1 Shot and 1 Dot cartridge, heat is transferred to the target Dermis layer and SMAS layer without damage to the skin surface layer to form thermal coagulation points for Elasticity & Lifting Effect

“HIFU”(High Intensity Focused Ultrasound) generates heat of 60 to 80 degrees in the dermis and SMAS layer to form thermal coagulation point And regenerates collagen fiber and elastic fiber for lifting effect

Long pulse mode splits a pulse into several pulses to transfer heat deeper and allows for the treatment of lifting and skin elasticity with continuous heat sensation and pain relief.

Frequently Asked Questions

what effects can I expect after one thera treatment?

– After the procedure, the lifting elasticity of the affected area is improved

-Use on the face for the purpose of restoring overall elasticity, lifting effect, and wrinkle improvement, and on the body for body shape management

How long does the effect last?

– Immediate lifting effect appears immediately after the treatment

-The immediate effect is temporary, but the real effect is that the collagen affected by the ultrasonic heat is regenerated and the skin becomes firmer

-The effect of the treatment varies from person to person, but the effect is most noticeable after 1 month, and the effect can be seen for up to 3 months

-Therefore, it is recommended that the face be treated a a cycle of 1 month and the body at a cycle of 2 months

Is it more effective to perform multiple treatments at 1 month intervals than once?

of course, the effect will be seen with one treatment and the effect will be maintained for about 3 months, but the effect tends to decrease over time, so we recommend multiple treatments with the idea of maintaining the effect of the treatment 

How painful is the procedure?

-There are individual differences, but the pain is about the same as an unpleasant tingling sensation

-For those who are sensitive to pain, it is possible to lower the energy a little 

What are the precautions after the procedure?

-There are no special precautions after one thera treatment

-Recommend to limit hot saunas, drinking or smoking for 3-5 days 

-Daily routine, exercise, and makeup all can be done right after the procedure, and skin protection is needed with moisturizing and sunscreen

Who is One thera applicable?

With poor skin elasticity, those with a lot of facial wrinkles, or who want to have a smooth v-line lifting.

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