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Our customer reviews from Yelp!
  • Eunyoung is a really wonderful person with a great practice and serene location where she works from. The spa is impeccably clean and has a very nice set up. When you enter she gives you slippers and tea and makes you feel so welcomed.
  • I would go just for the amazing massages alone! Been coming for several months now, and would recommend to anyone with adult/hormonal acne.
  • Each time I visit, I leave extremely pleased with their service because of the quality, time and effort they do on me.
  • I would totally consider going back in the future for more treatments (she has so many different lasers and machines) and would recommend her to anyone.
  • I had so many questions about skin and skincare because I was fascinated but she so patiently answered them as she concentrated on my extraction.
  • I am anticipating to see how my skin would transform! Strongly recommending Eunyoung if you are looking for care for your skin like me!
  • This place is really everything yelp reviewers are saying. Amazing service, gorgeous atmosphere, and effective treatments.