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35ml cream *1ea, 7ml ampoule*4ea, 10ml ampoule*4ea

Solution for:

  • Dehydrated Oily skin/ Dry Skin
  • Hyperpigmentation, Discoloration, Redness caused by troubled scars
  • Uneven tone/ Darkening Skin
  • Early-aging Skin
  • Troubled Skin
  • Dried, Thick Skin
  • Rough skin texture, Flaky skin
  • After care for Laser, MTS, Peeling Treatment

1.Rio Ampoule

A small amount of ampoule bottle is Rio ampoule, a booster ampoule that serves to pave the way for deep moisture to reach the skin as the first step for a perfect moisturizing effect

2.PHIO Ampoule

It is a large capacity ampoule bottle that provides deep and dense moisture in the skin along the pre-opened moisture path

3.Reflection Cream

The last step is to help regenerate the skin and strengthen the barrier to protect the skin from external stimuli and to prevent moisture evaporation to maintain a moist moisturize for a long time


This is Not Every day Care, Intensive Care 2-3 times a week for very dehydrated troubled skin

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