This is an innovative treatment that pairs massage with the energy that is provided by the special apparatus to channel the special energy wave from the therapist to the client. 

High frequency indicator bar parts generates heat to the skin, which aids in blood circulation, reduces any emission such as waste, aids in smoothing out pain, etc. The effects occur in the skin under deep heat (body temperature), the dermis, and the subcutaneous layer. This is different from Thermage treatment because it does not cause deep heat and burns by superficial heat, so the Thermage treatment is very likely to have adverse effects on the skin. It produces more collagen to give elasticity to the face. It also has a lifting effecting that helps resolve wrinkles and effective in breaking down fat. 

High-frequency indibar treatment is often the result of the body getting warm due to the heat generated during the procedure, which is a sign that the procedure is being done properly. In addition, because it is high frequency, sparks may occasionally splash out during the procedure for people who usually generate static electricity, but it is very rare.

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