Skin Renewal Treatment

Blue Deep sea Herbal Hard / Soft Peeling  – $300 / 600
Organic seaweed used to effectively heal scars and close pores. Depending on the type of your skin condition

A special massage with a mixture of crushed herbs and plant extracts, followed by skin type-specific, home-care products and a follow-up treatment improves skin texture and tone. This treatment restores your skin’s natural glow in just 5 days. BDSHP can be implemented on the face, décolleté, hands, arms, back, stomach, legs or any other areas of skin trouble. It includes first day treatment with herbal massage, four home-care products and a 5th day follow-up regeneration treatment.

New skin in 5 days!

Impure / Acne / Scars
Sun Damaged Skin
Sagging Contours
Stretch Marks / Cellulite

Blue Deep sea Scaling – $250
Focuses on rejuvenating dull skin with poor circulation while providing an extra boost of energy to all other skin types

Alex Beauty Peeling – $200 to $300
Revitalizing 1 day fresh skin
Enlarged pores
Traces of Impurities
Irregular Breakouts
Anti- Aging and firming

Chemical Peeling – $200
Chemical peeling to help melanin recovery

Active Enzyme Peeling – $150
Effective enzyme peel for severe acne skin

Microdermabrasion – $180
Delicate peeling


First day – Third day Skin Changes

  • It can be swollen and feverish for hours
  • These can be some edema
  • It can be reddish than the first day for 2~3days
  • Similar to problems caused by UV lights, the skin can be pulled dry
  • Your skin may get darker after 2~3 days
  • The pigment composure may become darker after 2~3 days
  • The parting of the dead skin lays occurs 2~3 days later
  • Peeling will occur within 3~7 days

Precautions for a week

  • Avoid physical activity such as heavy exercise
  • Be careful of hot water, direct sunlight, sauna, and heater exposure
  • Don’t exfoliate with a face brush, scrub, towel, etc
  • Don’t manage the chemical peel
  • Don’t touch or artificially tear the face
  • Wear hats and sunglasses
  • Wear sunscreen!
  • Use oil-free makeup if using