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The first thing your skin needs most  “MOISTURE”


The moisture loss in our skin should be minimized. Soft and fine particles are moist with several light  pumpings. And at the same time it gives the skin by improving moisture retention in the skin Gives shine and radiance.

Our skin naturally absorbs moisture to keep it more vibrant.

Water makes up 70% of the human body. The skin also needs sufficient moisture supply.

However, in the summer season, sweat and waste products due to exposure to UV rays and a hot environment. Moisture escapes at the same time, resulting in skin dehydration. The chilly average temperature keeps the skin in a dry environment all the time. It is very important to prevent the skin from drying out from the external environment.The first priority for skin health is ‘moisturizing’.

volayon HYALOTEN WATER supplies moisture that’immediately’ in the face of dryness.  There is a purpose. HYALOTEN WATER is smooth and fine particles in several conferences and light spins to bring the moisture.It improves moisture retention in the  skin and gives the skin a glow and shine.



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