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Homecare plasma device

Application of innovative plasma technology

  • Lower Temperature plasma technology: enabled harmless low temperature plasma technology and verified safety through clinical trials and testes
  • Nano Second pulsed technology: Adapted nano second pulsed technology that is 5000 times per second pulse width to enable more precise skincare
  • Premium Ceramic palette: Covers more skin surface and distributes plasma evenly onto the skin

Skin Benefits:

Increase in absorption: Plasma changes skin conditions instantly to absorb cosmetics that contain vitamin, prptide or hyaluronic acid more effeciently

Improvement in skin elasticity: Plasma accelerates the formation and activation of fibroblast cells that plays a critical role in wound healing and synthesis of collagen- skin elasticity, dermal density and skin texture

Skin Detox: Plasma cleanses accumulated waste products in the skin and improves on all kinds of skin concerns


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