Skin scaling, AHA peels, water therapy, high-frequency reproduction management, pores shrink management, medical ultrasound, freezing ion therapy, aromatherapy lymphatic massage, meridian, vital whitening yionteu management, diamond peeling, various special mask, hand, foot massage.

Basic- $120 (1 session)

Additional Medi-beauty Care- $120+


Individualized, specialized treatment for oily and acne-prone skin, sensitive skin, anti-aging, and darkened pigmentation

Basic- $150 (1 session)

Additional Laser Treatments- $150+


HIFU Lifting Laser  $300 +

Clear & Brilliant Fraxel Laser - $400

Secret RF $700

DOUBLO $450+

A-Tone Toning Laser  $350

Price varies. Package deals with discounts available.


BDR Skin Repair—$250

Organic Facial—$180

Functional Needle Stem Cell Program(FNS) Program—$200 to 400

Detoxification Management & Wedding Management—$300

24K Gold Facial —$240

Energy Therapy —$200

Hydroimpact —$250

Aqua Peel - $250

Plason - $250

OxygenCeuticals - $200 to $250

Body Slimming

Body Sliming - $250 (1 session) / $2400 (10 sessions)
Management care by analyzing each client’s personal shape and type to naturally reveal their most slim and beautiful shape

Back Treatment —$120 (1 session) / $1000 (10 sessions)
Clean and remove back acne and darkened pigmentation.
Meridian massage therapy to release muscular pains and create a beautiful back shape.

Before & After Pregnancy Body Care —$90 to $280
Helps get back your body shape after pregnancy
Remove body swelling and pain
Treat stretch marks

Skin Renewal Treatment

Blue Deep sea Herbal Hard / Soft Peeling  - $300 / 600
Organic seaweed used to effectively heal scars and close pores. Depending on the type of your skin condition

Blue Deep sea Scaling - $200 / 300
Focuses on rejuvenating dull skin with poor circulation while providing an extra boost of energy to all other skin types

Chemical Peeling - $200
Chemical peeling to help melanin recovery

Active Enzyme Peeling - $150
Effective enzyme peel for severe acne skin

Microdermabrasion - $180
Delicate peeling

Whitening Line
Treatments to visibly whiten skin

Sensitive Skin Line
Treatments for especially sensitive skin

Facial Treatment

Hydro Line
Treatments for those that need extra hydration

Lifting Line
Treatments to improve the lift of your skin

Reshaping Line
Special treatments to reshape your facial lines

Acne Line
Treatments for oily and acne–prone skin

Whitening Line
Treatments to visibly whiten skin

Sensitive Skin Line
Treatments for especially sensitive skin