Special Facial

  • Time- 2 hours
  • Price- $200 (1 session)

● Venus Peel
○ Micro-needle ampule with immediate effect just by the application. Skin elasticity, skin tone improvement, pore reduction, and wrinkle improvement. Once a week for 5 weeks, a lifting effect is achieved! Maximize this effect with other procedures. There is no visible exfoliation.

● Luxury Gold Therapy
○ The detoxification power of gold retains skin elasticity by helping cell regeneration and circulation. Excellent moisturizing and antioxidant effects are also achieved.

● New Botox
○ Experience a miracle in 72 hours. An applicable botox with advanced microchip system! Acetyl hexapeptide ingredients are a more powerful and safe way to improve skin elasticity to prevent eye wrinkles, aging, protect facial contouring, and provide excellent moisturizing and whitening benefits.

● Ionzyme
○ A moisturizing explosion for skin dry like a desert! Provides healing power for sensitive skin! This skin care normalizes the turnover cycle of keratin and naturally heals the skin.

● Quirenon Liso
○ With a low & less pain peeling formula, Volayon’s Quirenon Liso is a high-end cosmeceutical program. Using the perfect combination of enzymes and acid, this facial minimizes any stimuli that comes with acid care while at the same time greatly enhancing the peeling process for the customer.

● Carbodeam
○ NO needles, NO pain, just apply this carboxy therapy!
This therapy absorbs carbon dioxide directly to the skin and exerts excellent effects on skin metabolism, vasodilation (dilation of blood vessels, which decreases blood pressure), blood circulation, removal of toxins, activation of protein synthesis, facial contraction, skin whitening, moisturizing, wrinkle improvement and acne treatment.

● Vitamin C Oxygen Peel
○ Oxygen peel treatment with AHA has a whitening effect on the skin from oxygen and vitamin C. This gives the skin an instantly moist, bright and transparent complexion. It is a whitening and regenerating peeling that keeps skin healthy and clear with continuous management.